Overnight Care
LHCS aims to provide assistance and supervision to individuals with disabilities during the nighttime hours, typically when their usual caregivers or family members are unavailable or require rest.

We provide assistance with personal tasks of daily life where overnight support is needed. This support is available any day of the week and on public holidays. So rest assured, our very capable workers can look after your loved ones while you can have a break yourself.

Here are some key points about overnight care under the NDIS:

Purpose: Our overnight care aims to ensure the safety, well-being, and support of participants with disabilities during the night. It can provide peace of mind to participants and their families, particularly when additional support is required due to complex needs, medical conditions, or behavioural challenges.

Service Provision: Overnight care can be provided in various settings, including the participant’s own home, a family member’s home, or a residential facility. Our trained support workers can stay overnight to assist with personal care, medication management, monitoring, and respond to any needs that may arise.

Individualized Support: The provision of overnight care is tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the participant. The level of support and the specific tasks to be carried out during the night will be determined based on your NDIS plan and the identified support requirements.

Coordination with Existing Supports: Overnight care is often coordinated with other supports and services that you may receive during the day. This ensures continuity of care and consistency in meeting your overall support needs.