Do you assign seasoned support workers to provide the necessary care?
At Liverpool Homecare Services Pty Ltd, we indeed provide experienced support workers who will help improve your situation. No matter the impairment that you have, our professionals will diagnose them and personalise the support services so that you can develop the necessary skills and reach your goals.
What type of household task support do you offer?
Our support workers assist with a wide range of household tasks that include cleaning, home organisation, gardening, ironing, meal preparation, etc. However, if you want, you can personalise the service as per your needs.
Can you find me a disability-friendly accommodation?
Of course, we can. We will provide you with accommodation as per your preferences. These properties are safe and accessible. So, to book one, get in touch with us and specify your requirements, and we will do the rest.
How can you assist me with life stages and transition?
Our support workers will understand the problems that you are experiencing while transitioning to the NDIS. Depending on it, they will resolve the issues so that adapting to the changing situation becomes easier. Moreover, our professionals will provide you with relevant answers to your queries regarding NDIS plans.
What is the type of support that I can expect from overnight care?
The overnight care service that we provide for participants comprises assistance with personal care, such as toileting, hygiene management, administration of medicines and monitoring blood pressure, glucose and other stats. In addition, our staff providing overnight care can also take the right steps during an emergency.
How do your support staff assist with life skill development?
Our support workers will customise the NDIS plan for your convenience so that you can quickly learn more about how to accomplish tasks. This will help you develop the necessary competencies quickly.
Can I travel safely with the support of your staff?
If you opt for the Assistance with Travel / Transport Arrangements service, rest assured that moving safely with your disability tools will become easier. Our professionals will show you how you can operate your tools and even travel using public transport.
Can I apply for a job with your support?
Surely, you can. Our support workers will help develop the essential skills required to learn new things. Equipped with the same, you can apply for jobs as well.
I have queries that are not listed here. Can I contact you?
Yes, you can. If you have questions that are not listed here, you can call us and talk to our staff. They will solve them one by one.