Development of Daily Living and Life Skills
Life Skills Development
Life Skills Development

Development of Life Skills, Sydney

We focus on building confidence and independence, as well as increasing your ability to live as autonomously as possible. The specific support and funding are determined based on your goals, needs, and aspirations, as outlined in your NDIS plan. It’s important for you to work closely with your NDIS planner or support coordinator to identify your skill development goals and access appropriate support to achieve them. NDIS offers funding for support and services aimed at improving and developing an individual’s daily living and life skills. These supports are categorised under the Capacity Building Supports of an individual’s NDIS plan. So, if you are looking for development of life skills in Liverpool, Sydney, Liverpool Homecare Services Pty Ltd is the right organisation for you. Here are some key areas where NDIS can provide funding and support for the development of daily living and life skills:
Life Skills Development Program
Life Skills Development Program

What Do We Include in Our Life Skill Development Service in Liverpool, Sydney?

If you opt for our life skill development service in Sydney, especially in Liverpool, you will get support with:

Personal Care:

  • Assistance with personal hygiene, grooming, and dressing.
  • Support with toileting, bathing, and managing continence.
  • Assistance with mobility and transferring.

Household Tasks:

  • Support with meal planning, preparation, and cooking.
  • Assistance with cleaning, laundry, and other household chores.
  • Developing skills for maintaining a safe and organized home environment.

Communication and Social Skills:

  • Support in developing effective communication skills, including speech therapy or alternative communication methods.
  • Assistance with social interactions, building relationships, and improving social skills.
  • Training in using technology and assistive devices for communication.

Financial Management:

  • Assistance with budgeting, money management, and financial decision-making.
  • Support in understanding and accessing financial entitlements and benefits.
  • Developing skills for managing bills, banking, and financial transactions.

Community Access and Participation:

  • Support in accessing community activities, recreational programs, and social events.
  • Assistance with transportation, travel training, and using public transport.
  • Developing skills for independent community navigation and participation.

Education and Training:

  • Support for accessing educational programs and training courses.
  • Assistance with developing study skills, time management, and organization.
  • Training in adaptive techniques or technologies to facilitate learning.

Employment Skills:

  • Support in developing job-seeking skills, resume writing, and interview preparation.
  • Assistance with workplace accommodations, job training, and career development.
  • Training in specific vocational skills relevant to employment goals.

So, now that you know more about our life skill development service in Liverpool, the suburb of Sydney, you will be benefited if you choose the service.

Why Choose Our Life Skills Development Service in Liverpool, Sydney?

Opt for our life skills development service in Liverpool, Sydney, since:

  • We help develop skills thoroughly
  • We ensure safety while assisting participants
  • We help with various tasks so that you can develop the necessary skills
  • To get more details about the skill development service, contact us today.


Will I be able to develop competencies quickly?
Yes. The way we assist, rest assured that you can develop the skills quickly.
What if I experience issues with certain tasks?
You need not worry then, since our professionals will personalise the plan to help you better.
Will your support staff answer my questions regarding the plan while assisting me?
Yes. Our support workers will provide answers to your queries so that you can develop the skills quickly.

Develop Competencies with Our Support

To develop life skills in Sydney as a participant, call us now or send us an email so that we can get back to you.