Coordinating or managing life stages, transitions and supports
LHCS provides support to individuals with disabilities in navigating various life stages and transitions while ensuring they have appropriate supports in place.

This short- and long-term workplace support is designed to strengthen your capacity and ability to coordinate your supports. We discuss your goals and work with you and your family or carers to put in place supports that will enable you to live as autonomously as possible.

Here are some ways in which the LHCS can assist with coordinating or managing life stages, transitions, and supports:

Life Stage Planning: At LHCS, we take into account the different life stages of participants and their specific support needs at each stage. This includes planning for early childhood, school years, transition to adulthood, and the later stages of life. LHCS can work with participants and their families to identify appropriate supports and services for each life stage.

Transition Planning: LHCS supports participants during significant life transitions, such as moving from school to further education or employment, transitioning from child to adult services, or relocating to a new area. Transition planning involves assessing and addressing your changing needs and ensuring a smooth transition between services and support systems.

Support Coordination: Support coordination is a specific support category within the NDIS that focuses on assisting individuals in managing their supports and navigating service systems. Our support coordinators can help you identify and access appropriate supports, coordinate services from multiple providers, and advocate for your needs and preferences.

Review and Plan Updates: LHCS recognizes that your support needs may change over time. Regular plan reviews are conducted to assess your progress, reassess your goals and requirements, and make any necessary adjustments to your plan. This ensures that supports remain relevant and effective as you move through different life stages.

Continuity of Supports: At LHCS, we aim to ensure continuity of supports for you as you transition between service providers, move locations, or experience changes in your support needs. This involves effective coordination and communication among providers, participants, and the NDIS to minimise disruptions and ensure a seamless transfer of supports.

Capacity Building: LHCS focuses on building the capacity of participants and their support networks to effectively manage life stages and transitions. This may include providing training, skill development programs, and resources to enhance your ability to self-manage your supports, make informed decisions, and advocate for your needs.

At LHCS, we encourage participants to discuss your life stage, transition, and support coordination needs with your NDIS planner or support coordinator. They can provide guidance, information, and assistance in accessing the appropriate supports and services to ensure a smooth and successful journey through different stages of life.